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ABCmouse offers a comprehensive online curriculum for children ages 2–8+, including reading and language arts, math, beginning science, social studies, art and music.  Stimulate a child’s enthusiasm for learning through over 9,000 interactive learning activities—including books, educational games, puzzles, art activities, songs, music videos, and more. 

View in Library does not require a login or account.  You can use it on any computer in the building.  

View from Home:  You will create a FREE parent login with your library card, which can then be shared by up to three (3) children in a household, each with their own avatar, profile, and progress-tracking on the ABCmouse Step-by-Step Learning Path. 

ABCmouse Home Access for Libraries includes as a bonus, their independently-validated Assessment Center—normally an extra-cost option for consumers—which creates customized lessons that are targeted to help a child improve in specific skill areas identified by the assessments.

NOTE:  The ABCmouse account must be created on a desktop computer, after which it can be accessed from a mobile device using the free ABCMouse app - available for iOS/Apple and Android/Google.  They also sell directly to consumers, so be sure you set up your FREE library account using the View from Home link below prior to getting the app.